Monday, February 1, 2010

Project 1 - THE ARMATURE

Ok... here goes. My first project is to build an armature. Pure and simple an armature is a framework around which a sculpture is built. Here are the requirements:

• Create a minimum of 15 line drawings. Experiment w/variation of line, density, direction, etc.
• Choose the drawing you think will translate best into a 3D form.
• Construct a linear armature that is informed by your drawing.
• Conceal or reveal the skeletal structure of the armature by adding a skin-like material which produces a plane.

Included are a few concept sketches I had after the first class. As the week progressed I realized that my sketches didn't really hold any meaning and were simply non-objective crap.

I continued to think about the project for the next couple of days until finally I had a fairly ambitious idea. I'll explain the meaning of this piece as I progress through the project. For now you can enjoy the shots of progress as I move from concept to reality. Just sit back and formulate all kinds of ideas as to what the final glory of this project could be. Enjoy!

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