Thursday, February 11, 2010

Project 1 - UNITY (Artist Statement)

Precision and symmetry. Most of the limited quantity of artwork that I’ve created embraces these two terms. I find that I often conceive of an idea in my head, only to obsess over it for days on end trying to perfect every nuance before I begin. Such is the case in “Unity”. The idea was born out of many days of thought, a few sketches and a dash of trial and error.

From the beginning I wanted something that would be made of natural materials. The completed piece is simply wood, but in three forms. Balsa makes the linear structure of the body, white tissue paper covers alternating body panels and a wood based vellum creates the colorful “petals” that embrace both convex and concave form.

The concept of Unity has changed slightly since conception, mostly because of time constraints, but holistically remains the same. In the finalized form it is a representation of its title. When all colors combine in the additive spectrum the result is white. Each of the 13 petals contain a single color and spiral through the color spectrum. Presented as a hanging piece, Unity can freely rotate to convey all colors to the stationary observer. The combination of all colors surrounding the linear column unite to create white, represented in the panels covering the body.

I often wrestle with the concept of unity and how it can be so simple in one context, yet a near impossibility in another. This project was an expression of those thoughts manifested through materials found in nature, where I find unity most present.

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