Thursday, March 25, 2010

Artist - John de Andrea

John De Andrea is an American sculptor associated with photorealistic depictions of the human figure. He is known for extremely realistic polyvinyl or polychromed bronze casts of the human figure, most often female.

While in Albuquerque, DeAndrea began to use fiberglass to make life casts of body parts. He dropped out of UNM and returned to Denver, where he soon produced the signature work that would bring him worldwide recognition. The first sculptures to anticipate his mature style were realistically cast nude figures finished in automotive paint--just like kayaks. But soon DeAndrea was carefully blending latex acrylic paint into realistic flesh tones, making his sculptures look more and more like real people.

De Andrea received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado at Boulder and studied at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque on an art scholarship, 1966–8. He was born in Denver, Colorado on November 24, 1941 and currently resides there.

While most of what I was able to find online was female sculptures, I was able to find at least one male. This is good, because I was beginning to think De Andrea was just a really big perv. As with most art that I am viewing through these entries, I feel extremely limited by the thumbnail sized pictures. Most art that I have seen in person is SO MUCH better than an image representation. I would really love to see one of these sculptures in person... as creepy as they may be.


  1. Hello John,
    Care to try again :/... remember me, I was commissioned by a gallery owner, flown back to your home. You and your wife tried to begin the process of molding, and it 'wouldnt' take as you said. You said it was 1st time in 20yrs that ever happened. You ordered new material. It arrived, and low and behold, it wouldnt 'take'. I was sent home. I felt so bad. I always wondered if the Universe was messing with me. I am now 55, and wouldnt mind trying once more. I loved staying in the room upstairs. let me know, I am very serious. I maintained the same body structure. (no babies) , just an older version. for direct phone.
    raven meadows

  2. OH NO! I just realized, this is NOT your blog. I googled and was brought here. Upon reading the last part of whoever's blog this is. Feel free to ask me questions. I assure you, John and his wife were beyond normal, and not 'perv's'. They were extraordinary professional. I am startled one would call him 'perv'. When we began work, first things first. Find a position. His instructions were very clear. 'Relaxed and natural. This is not playboy'. His wife was always in the work space btw. My comfort was most important. It was dead of Winter, and keeping me warm, was utmost important. The workshop was out back. Not in the house. Speaking of the house, WOW,, walking in first time, out of corner of ur eye, u would swear there was people in the house. But, soon realized, they were artworks! He had one of himself, that's the moment I relized the others were fake. THAT is how realistic his work is!
    Anyway, feel free to ask me questions.