Thursday, March 4, 2010

Project 2 - EXTENSION (Artist Statement)

Ex·ten·sion, noun: An addition that increases the area, influence, operation, or contents of something. This is what I think of when I look upon the humble cotton swab.

I chose to use the cotton swab in this piece as the medium to shape the very object that uses it. A cotton swab cannot function without the hand to guide it, while a hand cannot function in the same capacity as it can with the cotton swab. The thought that either is not as effective without the other is what makes the relationship so strong.

The physical properties of the cotton swab were appealing as well. The contrast between the color, often representational of purity (something untouched or undisturbed), and the texture/material cotton (which is something soft, desirable and wants to be touched) was something I felt would add to the already established relationship.

In the original sketch I had decided to create depth in the relief style composition by producing 8 different levels of height pressed into foam core board. I quickly realized an increase in detail (height levels as well as overall size) would mean an exponential increase in construction time. The final composition was reduced by 2 levels of height and reduced in size to a more manageable 35 swabs wide by 47 swabs high. I felt this was the best ratio of detail to hours of work required to compete Extension. In total there are 1,665 cotton swabs that complete the composition using 6 different height levels.

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