Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Artist - Delia Ryan

I must confess that I have an advantage of working freelance for a local gallery that gives me access to a plethora of artist. I hadn't even thought of this fact until recently, limiting myself to artists that had been projected on screen in class. Besides the obvious advantages, I feel a bit more comfortable writing about artists that I've actually spent a significant amount of time with and feel I know a bit more than an "evening encounter" over google images.

Next up is Delia. Delia is another local artist from the Boise area (born 1971 in San Francisco, CA). She was introduced to the art of enameling by the internationally recognized enamel artist, John Killmaster, when she attended graduate studies at Boise State University. “The radiant beauty of melted, colored glass fused to metal instantly captivated me,” says Delia. “Since then, I have dedicated myself to exploring this ancient art form. Enameling is a powerful medium for artistic expression because of its limitless potential for experimentation and possible unpredictable results.”

In her work, Delia experiments with copper, gold and silver foils and wire inlays; uses firescale, sheet glass, and over-firing; creates her own glass lumps; and prints and paints imagery using oil and water-based enamels. Especially satisfying to her are the wall pieces that she creates by combining recycled metal materials with this environmentally safe medium.

“I am actively responsive and passively open to the unexpected rather than focusing completely on the initial intention,” says Delia. “My work draws on memory and emotions experienced during the process of creation. The art of enamel provides a rewarding, exciting, and evolving journey of self-discovery.”





  1. heyyy she was my art teacher for the first art class I ever took!

  2. no way... really!? What class was it and was it at BSU?