Saturday, April 10, 2010


Art 108 Midterm. Sculpt something out of a single bar of WHITE soap. Sculpt something. Out of soap... sculpt. Crap.

Yeah, I've never really made a solid effort to sculpt something, not that I'm closed to the idea... I like to think of myself as very open to new things, but when you attach a grade to it and throw it at a panel of judges to critique things change just a bit. Bottom line is I didn't feel quite saucy enough to make this the scenario for my first sculpture. What to do.

Good news is we have our entire spring break to work on this project. Bad news is it took me most of spring break just to figure out what I wanted to do conceptually. Originally I wanted to melt the bar of soap down and create an action/still of what would look like milk pouring out of a milk pale slashing onto a floor. This remains a cool idea, but my ability and all-around practicality prevented me from actually pulling this off. What I ended up doing was a modified version of my original concept. Instead of pouring out from an elevated pale into a time-fozen "splash" I would just have a milk glass on its side with the milk running out of it. Sounds easy enough.

The most frustrating part of this project was what I thought would be the easiest - melting down the soap. Not the case... in fact it proved the largest hurtle to overcome. Blender, frying pan, microwave, oven, you name it and I tried it. What eventually worked was using a DOVE brand bar of soap finely grated in a double boiler and adding some water.

I'll post a few pics of the process and the final piece once I get it back from Earnest.

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