Monday, April 5, 2010

Artist - Mark Tansey

Mark Tansey (born 1949 in San Jose, California) is an American postmodern painter best known for monochromatic works and his invented "color wheel" approach to painting. Other stylistic signatures include paintings incorporating hidden text, images and symbols.

All I can say it wow... Mark Tansey is amazing. I've done quite a few post of artists from the "recommended" list so far and none have had the impact that Tansey has. Although Tansey states he is not a "realistic" or a "naturalistic" painter, its noted that photography has played a rather large role in the realism of his painting. He argues that representation has other functions rather than "capturing the real" and that his work is about "how different realities interact with each other. I believe that is one of the qualities that draws me to his work. The departure from reality is something very appealing and the way that that he renders it with such incredible, imaginative detail is quite captivating. His choosing a monochromatic color scheme in the pieces below seems to enhance the vast atmospheric landscapes.

This one is quite incredible. What I get out of it is the immersiveness of reading. That it takes your mind to any place imaginable... allows you to be anyone that you want to be and gives you any ability that you might desire.

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