Friday, April 16, 2010

Wedding Invitation

A friend of mine asked if I'd make her wedding invitations - what an honor. This was a fun little project... I always prefer projects like this -laid back and easy going- over the the high stress corporate client with a short time frame.

During first and only meeting we met at the Library Coffee House in Meridian and talked concept. Since they were getting married at the Idaho Botanical Garden they wanted something open, natural and caz-fun. I started with what I call a "specimen sheet", which is really just a fancy name for a brainstorm. I knew that because of the large amount of copy I wanted to really focus on making it interesting typographically.

specimen sheet

first concept


They liked the first concept and that was it, done (with the exception of butchering the word "following"). Another great thing about them... I HATE doing 5,000 revisions to a project. I get sick of looking at the same damn thing and lose interest, which makes me prone to mistakes. Bad.

The final step is to choose the right paper to print them on. I dropped a sample off at the bank she works at today... I think she'll go for it 'cause they are so laid back... and because the paper is cool.

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